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About Andy Whale Photography.

Get your business found online.

How photography helps your business.

I’ve been a photographer for over 30 years, having established my first studio in 1990.

I’ve photographed brands large and small, always with the aim of making their message stand out from the crowd, to create images that tell their story – that immediately connect with their clients.

My mission is to help businesses get found online. Commercial photography is my first love. I understand intuitively how you can use imagery for your business branding and your personal branding. I am an expert in creating lifestyle photographs that connect with your client base. I know how to take the best photographs that ensure your product stops the scroll and secures the sale.

Photography for brands is now a must. That doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a headshot for your personal brand, images for small businesses, or for large businesses. Online marketing and advertising have made this even more essential.

You need images to stand out, to be visible, and to be unique.

Photography for SEO.

Search engine optimisation has been huge in the last 15 years, and ever more so now. It’s often a surprise for companies that SEO extends to their images. You can use SEO on the images they place on social media to help you get found. So, these days I offer all my images as search engine optimised. They’re tagged and ready to use online – both for your websites and your social channels.

I’ve learned this technology as it’s progressed and seen the enormous impact on my clients. My services are offered with an educated understanding of how to use SEO techniques to enhance your images and massively extend your reach online. My images help your business get found.

Photography for Branding.

I’m a commercial photographer at heart, and brands are the most exciting for me. I started my photography career in London as a freelancer and was lucky enough to work with some big brands from the beginning.

Brands like Habitat, Mothercare and Conran Design. With some decent experience under my belt, I was able to attract brands like Royal Ballet, Scrumpy Jack Cider, Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, Dyson, and Adidas. I spent many years seeing how imagery was used to support their marketing activities, with my photographs featuring on countless tube adverts and even an album cover for Billy Bragg.

When you work with me to develop any images for your brand, you’re also getting the technical knowledge and the creative expertise gained from years of working with top art directors and stylists.

I understand how to get your brand found, seen and recognised online.

Brands that trust me.

I like to think that I have one of the most eclectic client lists that you’ll ever stumble upon, including world-renowned brands like The Royal Opera House, The Royal Ballet, BBC, Bombay Sapphire Gin, and Fortnum & Mason. I’ve even photographed a few rock stars – Billy Bragg and Nick Capaldi were particular favourites.

Fellow Of The British Institute of Professional Photographers

Being a Fellow of The British Institute of Professional Photographers is the highest level attainable. This really is a distinguished qualification.

National Photography Awards

Most recently I was awarded 2nd place in The Click Group National Photography Awards 2020. I have received over 25 highly prestigious awards in my 30 years as a photographer.

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