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Professional Headshot Photographers are the first introduction to you, your Business and your Brand.

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Headshot Photography

Have you been asked by your employer to get a “new headshot photograph”? Perhaps you’re trying to organise staff photo updates for your business? You might be here because you’re considering whether you need one for yourself.

It may seem a bit bewildering, so before we dive in, I thought you might appreciate a bit more info about them.

What is a Headshot photography anyway?

Headshots are, quite simply, professional photographs that focus on people’s faces.

The reason for them is that it helps people to put a face to a name. Once reserved for senior staff members in corporate businesses, to be used in the annual report, for press releases or on the website, they are now used everywhere.

Seems straightforward enough, it’s just a photo of your face. So, you may be feeling a bit of resistance to the idea of using a professional to get the job done. What exactly is all the fuss about?

Dubbed the New Handshake

Professional headshot photographs are now the first introduction to you, your business, and your personal brand.

91% of recruiters regularly use LinkedIn to find talent, tapping into LinkedIn to find quality candidates.  LinkedIn profiles with images receive 21x more views and are 36x more likely to receive messages.  Recruiters are also on the other social channels—2 in 3 are using Facebook and more than half utilise Twitter.

This explains why people refer to your photograph as part of your personal brand. It has countless applications in your professional life.

What’s the difference between a headshot and a photograph?

Why not get your friend or colleague to just take a decent photograph? If you put on a suit or some smart clothes and look the part, won’t that do?

Well, you could. And for some people, that’s a good approach, if you have nothing decent to use that might feel like an option. You do not want to use the photographs from your brother’s wedding though. Even if you were wearing a suit or a dress. It’s obvious to other professionals and doesn’t project the right image.

A Professional Headshot, however, will give you so much more than one taken by a friend.

I’m trained to get exactly the right look for you. I understand how to bring out your very best, to create a fantastic image for your personal brand that conveys both your personality and your professionalism. Obviously, I also use all the right lighting, and the correct backgrounds, crop the images and provide everything 100% ready to use online wherever you need them.

Who Needs One?

Anyone, these days. Traditionally, as I mentioned above, headshots were limited to senior staff in corporate environments. You’d also find actors and models using them for their portfolios. They’re also popular with estate agents, legal professionals, IT experts… the list goes on.

If you run your own business – a proper professional headshot is arguably the first photograph you should invest in, it will set you leagues apart from the competition. It builds your brand, you’ll benefit from increased confidence, and become significantly more visible. It really is a virtual handshake in your profession.

What about if you’re about to start hunting for a new position? A professional headshot will set you poles apart.

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Headshot of business woman
headshot of a woman

What about company-wide headshots?

Beyond the staff photos on the company website, it’s becoming ever more crucial that employees are provided with on-brand headshots that can be used throughout their social channels as well as on corporate communications. They can even be used on staff ID badges and Intranet pages, allowing employees to be easily recognisable across the business.

I offer a range of packages for corporate headshot photography as I realise the business moves quickly, and often you need to as well.

I’ll always work with you to find the best solution, whether that is to set up a mini studio on your site and take a series of headshots, or to offer a drop-in service for individuals, I am always happy to accommodate your business requirements.

And because I understand how important consistency is in branding, we will always shoot using the same style so that everything looks cohesive across all channels – no matter what device someone views them on.