– Lifestyle Photography

Show them How it feels to Work with You.

Bespoke Images that Reflect your Company.

scene of a horse, man and woman on a golf course with a view of the sea

Have you ever wondered what it takes to connect with your customers at a deeper emotional level through your advertising? 

Perhaps you’re frustrated that your current marketing just doesn’t hook the hearts and minds of your viewers. Maybe you already know that you need to develop a lifestyle story for your brand. 

Compelling Imagery that Turns Viewers into Lifelong Fans


Ordinary everyday moments, photographed beautifully, are easy to connect with. Customers see themselves using your services. 

Inspire Loyalty

Convey the essence of what it means for customers to buy from you. Create a bond with customers that shows them how you’ll change their lives. 

Attract through Reflection

Attract your ideal customers, people who see themselves in your images, who connect with your brand message and resonate with your story. 

lifestyle image man with his back to camera smoking

What is Lifestyle Photography?

Lifestyle photography differs from pure product photography as the goal is to spark the imagination of the viewer, to allow them a glimpse of what their life would be with your product in it. It usually involves images of a model (or models) using your product or service. They allow the customer to see themselves in the photograph. However, they can also be aspirational, or thematic. They could be images of the environment in which your customers would love to spend time, for example.

It can be similar to product photography, in that you may require your product to be styled to demonstrate it in use.

For example, if you are a tea brand like Ringtons, we may design a set in a kitchen with a teapot, a cup and saucer and a model in the background (with the main focus being on the product). 

Take your Brand Message to the Next Level and Connect to Your Customers with an intimacy you’ve not achieved until Now!  

How does it Work

We have a Call

We’ll brainstorm lifestyle concepts that might work for you.

We Plan the Shoot.

We plan the shoot – I can work in any location and can provide models.

The Shoot.

Lifestyle Shoots can be a lot of fun!  We ensure we capture the story.