NEST – Branding Shoot

Mother and Baby with toys
Dog sillouette on a logo in green and blue

Branding Project

NEST (Nurture, Educate, Support –  Together) was founded in 2018 by Lucy, a qualified Norland Nanny and Maternity Practitioner who has ten years of experience. She has worked with families and their children, both privately and in the Community through the NHS. This has enabled Lucy to gain a wealth of knowledge and experiences and she passionately believes that no two journeys are the same which is why she felt a bespoke service should be made available.

NEST Project, baby playing with blocks

NEST, as a distinguished private Early Years Consultancy Service, this organisation provides tailored support to families with children aged 0-5 years. Their approach involves close collaboration with families, emphasising a nurturing and non-judgmental atmosphere to aid in navigating the challenges and milestones of early childhood. By fostering a personalised partnership, this service aims to empower families to navigate the intricacies of parenting during the crucial early years of their child’s development. Through comprehensive assistance and emotional support, they strive to facilitate an environment where families feel confident and equipped to nurture their children’s growth and well-being.  The organisation helps parents and carers  and can offer support on any of the following ….

• Transition from milk to solid food (Weaning)
• Toilet Training
• Behaviour
• Family Life Adjustments (new sibling/ moving house etc)
• Infant Feeding (bottle-feeding and breastfeeding)
• Sleep
• Separation Anxiety
• School Readiness



One of my hobbies is photography, but not having the high skill level or equipment, I knew I needed to find a professional for the job!  Having met Andy before and knowing our businesses linked well together, I knew he would be the right person to contact!  I was in the process of updating our website and wanted to make our social media posts of a higher standard with an album of professional images, so I was really keen to have a professional photographer to take some branding photos.

I spent some time with Andy (on the telephone prior to shoot day, and on the morning of the shoot) going through the different areas of NEST and the images and themes I wanted him to capture.

We work with children 0-5 years so it was really important for me that Andy was able to capture ‘a day in the life’ of a little one so that we had a variety of images to post.


Lucy had friend who had a new baby that was happy to be photographed.  I felt it was important that we worked in a house that was a family home.  Lucy works with a lot of parents in their own homes.

Lucy and I wanted the images to be very natural and free. So I needed to be able to shoot quickly and capture special moments with her interacting with the baby.
So I decided to use small battery powered flash heads and umbrellas to soften the light These can be moved around very quickly and easily with cables and only small stands.  Sophie my assistant was on hand to move lights and change lenses quickly.

I know from experience with baby portraiture that young ones only have a certain amount of time before they become fed up with doing the same thing, so that was another reason for me to work quickly.  I wanted to capture special moments between the mum and baby working with Lucy, to show how relaxed her way of working is.

Before all shoots, I have an in-depth consultation with the client to see how their company works and what they would like to emphasis in the photography.
I research their online presence and also suggest any other good marketing avenues they could follow such as Google Business pages.  I try to add elements into the photography that mirror the companies colour pallet if it is relevant to the type of company I am working with.

For this shoot, Lucy brought clothes and props, such as flowers that harmonised with her existing website, so the photographs work nicely next to the graphics 

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