Nick Capaldi, Dorset Singer Songwriter

Nick Capaldi, Singer - Portrait Shoot
Dog sillouette on a logo in green and blue

Dorset Singer Songwriter

Nick Capaldi, a musician based in Dorset, is not only an artist but also the proprietor of Grinning Dog Records and Echotown Studios. With a fervent dedication to original music and a penchant for live performances, Capaldi sought to refresh his portrait to serve as promotional material for his gigs and publicity endeavors.

Upon immersing myself in Capaldi’s musical repertoire, I discerned a desire to encapsulate the introspective ambiance that permeates his compositions. Subsequently, during our collaboration at my studio, Capaldi arrived equipped with a variety of attire, ultimately opting for a striped shirt paired with a jacket to convey a specific aesthetic.

To foster a sense of relaxation and authenticity during the photoshoot, I encouraged Capaldi to engage with his guitar, a familiar companion that facilitated a natural and genuine demeanour. Through this approach, I aimed to capture an image that authentically embodies the essence of him as a musician, resonating with the emotional depth and sincerity of his artistry. The final result, I believe, successfully encapsulates the soulful essence of Capaldi’s musical persona, poised to serve as a compelling visual representation for his promotional endeavours and public image.

head and shoulders portrait of Nick Capaldi holding his guitar

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