Nick Capaldi, Dorset Singer Songwriter

Nick Capaldi, Singer - Portrait Shoot
Dog sillouette on a logo in green and blue

Dorset Singer Songwriter

Nick Capaldi, Dorset singer songwriter owns Grinning Dog Records and Echotown Studios.  He is passionate about original music and loves performing live.  He wanted to update his portrait so that he could use it for promotional material to promote his gigs and to use for any publicity articles.

I listened to Nicks music and felt that we should try and capture the thoughtful feel that his music portrays.

He came to my studio with variety of outfits and we decided on the striped shirt and jacket.

I asked Nick to play the guitar while we were shooting as that helped him relax and feel at ease.

I feel the final image captures the essence of Nick Capaldi the musician…


head and shoulders portrait of Nick Capaldi holding his guitar

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