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professional headshot photography of Cardiologist Fraser Witherow on white background
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Professional Headshot Photography of Cardiologist Fraser Witherow

I’ve just had the pleasure of photographing Fraser Witherow to update his profile photograph for use on Linkedin and his professional websites etc.

professional headshot photography of Cardiologist Fraser Witherow on white background

I first met Fraser when I was lucky enough to get the chance to photograph him performing a #coronary #angioplasty in the Cardiac Cath lab Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

It was the first time for me to see what actually went on during this procedure.

I found it quite incredible to watch.

Fraser was working via a screen with a live x-ray which showed where the catheter he had inserted was going to place the stent which was to open up the patients blocked artery.

professional headshot photography captured in a Cath Lab, NHS Dorset Hospital

I watched as Fraser placed the stent into the artery on the X-Ray and I could see all the heart suddenly being refreshed with blood.

It was incredible to see at that moment a person who was given many more years of life.

My time working in the NHS made realise what an incredible place it is to work , but more importantly, that its really worth fighting for !! :))

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