Lifestyle Photography

Capturing People in the Right Environment for Your Products…

Commercial Lifestyle photography is conveying your company brand to your customers by photographing people in situations that will resonate with them. It is the art of capturing the beauty and aesthetics of everyday life and seemingly small or ordinary moments that characterise modern day life.
Commercial Lifestyle photography is the art of capturing compelling visual imagery that inspire viewers to recognise, interact and trust your brand. It conveys an individual’s personal lifestyle in a way they can identify with, as it relates back to their own life experiences or aspirations. The purposeful use of props and styling makes them feel like this could be any day for themselves. This connection inspires envious emotions which provide opportunities for purchasing decisions on behalf of diverse demographics.

Bespoke Images to Represent Your Company…

We all use many products and services in our lives and that’s why this style of photography is perfect for advertising.
I work closely with the client we research the best way to connect with their perfect customer and then we produce a series of images that will be useable throughout their advertising and social media platforms.
I can work in any location and can supply the production and team for all scenarios.

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