The Original Slope Writing Company

Envelopes, Pens, Paper and wax stamp for writing purposes
Dog sillouette on a logo in green and blue

The Slope

The Original Slop Writing Company

The Original Writing Slope Company, nestled within the picturesque landscapes of Dorset, UK, epitomizes a small yet passionate team. Their unwavering commitment lies in championing the timeless art of correspondence, infusing it with a touch of elegance and sophistication. By seamlessly blending luxury stationery with the nostalgic charm of an antiquated slope, they endeavour to revive the tradition of handwritten communication in the digital age. Each meticulously crafted slope, adorned with intricate details and expert craftsmanship, serves not only as a functional tool but also as a symbol of reverence for the written word. Moreover, their ingenious incorporation of a clandestine compartment adds an element of intrigue, further enhancing the allure of their products. As guardians of tradition and purveyors of refined taste, The Company stands as a beacon, inspiring individuals to reconnect with the artistry and intimacy of correspondence.

CLIENT: The Original Writing Slope Company


I received a request to produce a set of images for this client, intended for their new website, social media, and blog articles. The primary aim was to generate images to promote product sales on Etsy. Before starting any new commission, I ensure to gather thorough background information about the client’s company and its objectives.


Following the initial pre-shoot consultation, it became evident that the writing slope and it’s contents met exceptionally high standards. Aidan, the company owner, is fervently committed to reviving the practice of handwriting with ink. All products, including the fountain pen, handmade paper, and the slope itself, are meticulously curated from top-tier suppliers in Italy.

I knew that the images had to reflect that quality.
I discussed the idea of shooting the objects on highly textured watercolour paper to enhance the handmade feel of the project.
The lighting had to be soft but with some shadows.
We photographed each element separately and then as a whole.


All the images were supplied to the client retouched and high and low resolution digital files for online and print purposes.

Aidan was kind enough to leave me this review….

“I have a new product that I am selling on Etsy. It’s a bespoke writing slope with hand made paper wax stamp hand made paper and fountain pen. The objects are all very beautiful and I wanted that to come over in the photographs.
I spoke to Andy initially and after we had a chat and I sent him some pictures of the objects he suggested shooting the objects individually and as groups on textured watercolour paper.

When I arrived at the studio he was ready with lighting and backgrounds already set up. I could see that he and his assistant Sophie knew what they were doing with the lighting camera angles and composition when I saw the first image come up on the computer screen.!!He produced a set of images for me that I am very happy with and I know will help sell my products on Etsy and for all my advertising and marketing needs.”

Scroll of handmade paper with a ribbon and a seal.

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