Yalbury Cottage

Yalbury Cottage is a thatched hotel and restaurant based in the county of Dorchester.
Dog sillouette on a logo in green and blue

Yalbury Cottage Hotel and Restaurant, Lower Brockhampton: is a beautiful small hotel run by Jamie and Arianne, with Jamie specialising in the restaurant – he is a highly experienced chef.

They pride themselves on excellent customer service and have been awarded “Best Small Hotel” by The Good Hotel Guide.

In search of a professional photographer to help promote The Hotel, Jamie and Arianne reached out to Andy Whale – a renowned commercial photographer in Charminster, on the borders of Dorchester and Dorset, with expertise in capturing the best images for promotional use. The business required high-quality pictures to showcase its hotel on its website and social media platforms. 

A selection of plated food served in the garden of Yalbury Cottage Hotel, Lower Bockhampton, Dorchester.

Andy, known for his ability to take photographs that grab the viewer’s attention and drive sales, was the perfect fit for the job. He produced a series of images highlighting the hotel’s most attractive features and took headshots of the staff to personalise the business.

Following the successful collaboration with Andy Whale, The Hotel and Restaurant experienced a noticeable uptick in online engagement and enquiries. The captivating images meticulously crafted by Andy not only portrayed the hotel’s ambiance and culinary delights but also conveyed the warmth and professionalism of its dedicated staff. As a result, the hotel saw an increase in bookings and garnered positive reviews from satisfied guests. Jamie and Arianne were delighted with the outcome of the photoshoot, as it not only elevated their online presence but also reinforced their commitment to providing exceptional hospitality experiences. With a renewed sense of confidence in their promotional efforts, they looked forward to continuing their journey of delighting guests and maintaining their esteemed reputation in the hospitality industry.

Headshot of a Chef
Family photoshoot of Jamie and Arianne, owners of Yalbury Cottage Hotel and Restaurant.

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